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Lisa Sparks had relation with 919 men just in 12 hours

March 8, 2013 | Weird Facts | 3 comments

lisa sparks

lisa sparks

Lisa Sparks World Record, 919 men within 12 hours

DO YOU KNOW THAT ?? : The World Record of most partners in a day is held by an American lady Lisa Sparks. She shared bed with 919 men in just 12 hours.

This amazing World Record is accomplished on 10/16/04 in Warsaw, Poland. More astonishing fact is that she accomplished the feat in only TWELVE hours! That averages out to one man every 45 seconds, nonstop! This disgusting feat was achieved on October 16, 2004 by American porn film star Lisa Sparks as part of the Third Annual World Gang bang Championship. The event was part of Eroticon, a porn convention in Warsaw, Poland.

The competition was between Lisa Sparks and two other women. One of them was the previous record-holder, who had sex with “only” 759 men in a day.

In addition to referees, six cameras were used to carefully record the event! Lisa Sparks ended up beating her nearest competitor by 21 men.

Probably no woman has ever had more sex, with more men, in 24 hours than she did: 919 men to be exact. That means one man every 2 minutes, non stop, for one WHOLE DAY!!

A renowned American porn star, Ms Sparks achieved this feat on 16th October 2004, when she was 28, during Eroticon 2004. Eroticon is an annual porn festival in Warsaw, Poland. It became the world’s premier gang banging event when Gang bang in the US fizzled out.

The event in which she participated in and broke the record is officially known as the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship, which is one of the main events at Eroticon.

The previous record by Ms Rokita was set in 2003, when she had sex with “only” 759 men in a day.

Ms Sparks’s real name is unknown, although I think it’s safe to say that her parents and extended family would prefer that be kept secret.

She’s married. I don’t know what kind of person he is, but for sure he’s not your regular type of guy. Here in Malaysia, a guy would take away life of someone who he sees taking his wife out to dinner out of jealousy. And what if that same guy finds out that his wife had 900 men in a day? I shudder to think of the consequences. lolz

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  1. Zelda Gee says: March 20, 2013

    Her real name is LIsa Hansen, she is from Kentucky originally.

    • idkt says: March 20, 2013

      how can you say that?

  2. Johnny says: April 13, 2013

    Her real name is FatSkanktoriousWhoreThatwillNeverAmountToAnythingButBeingAFatWhoreNowGoStripDownFor200BucksAndSuckMeOffForAHitOfCrack Hell of a name aint it.


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